Auditions are now underway for the 2nd Annual Tunes at Noon Clarksburg’s Got Talent singing competition hosted by The Harrison County Commission and Clarksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Winners of the competition will receive $300 for 1st place, $150 for 2nd place, and $100 for 3rd place.

Auditions are open until Saturday, August 1st. There are two easy ways you can enter:

Option #1
Submit a 1-minute (approx) video to the Explore Clarksburg Facebook page. Be sure to include your name & the best phone number to contact you.

Option #2
Call into the Clarksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau office at 304-622-2157 between 5PM and 7AM and leave a 1-minute (approx) song on the voicemail. Again, be sure to include your name and the best phone number to contact you.

The singing contest will take place on Thursday, August 6, at 12PM.

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