The Vintage Theatre Company’s (VTC) opera troupe, Montani Cantanti, is performing Gian Carlo Menotti’s The Telephone on Saturday, August 29 at 3PM and Sunday, August 30 at 3PM and 7PM in Clarksburg’s Uptown Event Center.

“Opera is an Italian art form and recently I have noticed that it hasn’t been featured at the festival,” said Jason Young, VTC’s Founding Producer and Artistic Director. “I talked with some people in charge and explained it as a way to compliment the festival. It’s bringing it to another level.”

Montani Cantanti is the only opera troupe in the state of West Virginia. The troupe’s founders Joshua Allen Stubbs and Sarah Nale are starring in the production.

“The Opera Troupe was founded last summer by Josh and Sarah. Their repertoire is opera,” said Young. “They are a stand alone group, but are hoping that this is the start of something bigger.”

The Vintage Theatre Company was founded in 2012 by freelance artist and educator, Jason Young. Young had been working in WV for almost ten years before he launched VTC. The company’s motto “is to provide high quality theatrical education and professionally produced entertainment in WV.”

“Josh and Sarah‘s voices are incredible and their harmonies are flawless,” said Young. “They are professional, so it took them only one week to prepare – a day to memorize and a few after that to rehearse.”

Menotti was an Italian-American composer. He passed away in 2007 leaving behind a legacy in operas, Pulitzer Prizes, the Kennedy Center Honor, and other achievements.

Menotti’s opera, The Telephone, is a story of a young man’s (Ben) pursuit of engagement to a young woman (Lucy). However, Ben is rejected by Lucy’s constant distraction of the telephone. In need of a new plan, Ben gets creative and finds a way to gain the affection of Lucy.

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“It’s important that people understand that it’s an accessible story. It’s funny, cute, and not too long so you won’t get bored,” said Young. “I know when people hear ‘opera’, they say ‘oh no’. If you’re ever going to take a chance to watch one, this would be the time.”

Tickets for the show are $12 for adults and $10 for students and senior citizens. Refreshments will be provided.

For more information about The Vintage Theatre Company, call 1-855-882-8588 or email