“If you create beauty for yourself and others, you will live a long, healthy, happy life.” – Eleanor McMillen Brown

My name is Sandra Lambiotte and I am utterly passionate about beauty. In my column, I plan to share with you many tales of garden success and failure, knowledge graciously given to me by extraordinary gardeners, interior decorators and designers, and simply information I have acquired through the years and know to be true. My goal in writing this column is to be a source of inspiration and to encourage you to see with new eyes, the importance of beauty in our daily lives.

Dear friends, you may read the above quote and think, what does beauty have to do with a long, healthy and happy life? Quite simply, when you are happy, you are healthier, and in turn you live longer. Now, clearly I am not a medical professional, however, documentation from the medical field is constantly being fed to us regarding just this issue. So, as you begin this new year, take a minute and give the concept some thought. Just as a point of information, Eleanor McMillen Brown lived to be 100 years old and died 5 days before her 101st birthday. She was legendary in the field of interior design. Just imagine the beauty she created in her life.

Beauty is food for our souls. When one sees a beautiful garden or a lovely painting, don’t you just smile? It warms your heart. Also, this is true when we see our homes well loved. A well-loved home beckons us to return, and is our special place to be ourselves with those we love. However, we cannot have a peaceful, lovely home if everything is upside down and cluttered. Beauty and order go hand-in-hand. Therefore, give your surroundings a serious look. Decide what requires your attention. Go to work! Open the curtains, clean the windows and let the light shine in. Beautiful!

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As we think of our homes and how we want them to feel for ourselves and those around us, we need not only to concern ourselves with the interior, but also the exterior. I will talk about this considerably as spring and summer arrive, but for now let us just look at the front. Yes, we are in the middle of winter. But, does the porch or front walk need swept, and are these areas free of clutter? Is there a pretty wreath on the front door? A wreath need not be expensive or extravagant. It can be a simple wreath with nice bow. You want your front to smile and be inviting. And, when our homes shine brightly, they speak to others. Therefore, creating a “ripple effect” of beauty in our communities.

In conclusion, one of the most important reasons to create beauty in the home is for the “little ones” in your life. Clarence Cook, a Harvard graduate, 19th century American author, art critic and Parisian correspondent for the New York Tribune, tells us: “The children’s eye is forever being educated and ugly things ought not to be brought superfluously before them.” Speaks volumes, doesn’t it? I know these words to be an absolute truth. Educating and training the next generation is not only a privilege, but a great responsibility.

Trusting I have given you some thoughts to consider, I sincerely hope you will follow my column. My heartfelt thanks to Andrew Walker, editor of The Clarksburg Post, for providing me with this marvelous opportunity. At this time, my column will be bi-monthly, posted on Thursdays.

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Until we meet again, Go, Create Beauty!

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