Five area schools were recognized by Healthy Harrison, an effort by Harrison County’s health and business partners, in conjunction with West Virginia University, that works to create healthier lifestyles for county residents.

The following schools had 25 or more participants in the 2016 Cecil Jarvis Greater Clarksburg 10k and received a celebratory banner at the last Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, January 3:

  • Lincoln High School: 54 participants
  • Washington Irving Middle School: 36 participants
  • Wilsonburg Elementary School: 34 participants
  • Lost Creek Elementary School: 30 participants
  • Adamston Elementary School: 29 participants

“WVU is honored to be a partner and supporter of the Healthy Harrison initiative and appreciates the leadership, commitment, and enthusiasm of the Harrison County Board of Education and the schools which stepped up and met the challenge for participation in the Jarvis 10K Race/Walk,” said William Ramsey, MD, Chief Collaboration Officer at WVU Health Science Center. “These type of activities are an important part of efforts to improve the health and wellness of the citizens of Harrison County and the state of WV.”

There has been a noticeable uptick in excitement in students, teachers, and administration as healthy initiatives have become a priority. In fact, the Board of Education had over 300 representatives at the Cecil Jarvis Greater Clarksburg 10k last year. Their contribution has been commended as crucial to the success of the Healthy Harrison program.

“Our partnership with Healthy Harrison is proving to be of value to the students and families in our school system. Our intention is to educate the whole child including academic, social and healthy well-being,” commented Wendy Imperial, Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Harrison County.

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Community members can expect to see an enhanced relationship between educators and Healthy Harrison in 2017. They are currently working to develop a successful strategy that continues the promise of this newfound alliance.

“Healthy Harrison is a collaboration of Harrison County’s healthcare and business leaders, working in conjunction with WVU, which seeks to measurably improve the health and wellbeing of the residents of our county,” said Brock Malcom, Board Chairman of Healthy Harrison. “If we hope to truly impact healthcare measures in the future, we know we must educate and empower our children to make better decisions about their health. Given that physical inactivity is one of the greatest negative impactors on the health of all West Virginians, Healthy Harrison is working with the Board of Education to encourage and engage our children in hopes of creating healthy habits that include daily physical activity.”