Last year, Byard-Mercer Pharmacy celebrated 125 years of serving local residents, and they have a new reason to celebrate again! Byard-Mercer Pharmacy began an exciting new phase when yet another member of the Rogers family entered the business. Stacy Rogers joined his older brothers, Daniel, who serves the company as President, and Stephen, who acts as Vice-President or, as Stacy described, “jack of all trades”. After earning his Pharm.D., Stacy became the fifth full-time pharmacist on staff and brought along with him a wealth of clinical experience and enthusiasm for his work.

Stacy officially started at the long-time, family-owned business in August 2015. He also joined a legacy of pharmacists now five generations deep on his mother’s side of the family, and three on his father’s side. While Stacy did not always know he would go down this career route, he does recall everything falling into place for him when he spent time around Byard-Mercer in high school and developed an interest in the business. Knowing that he is able to have a positive impact on people and their quality of life has since solidified his career choice, and Stacy added that “the most rewarding part is the patient interaction”.


As one of the few independently owned pharmacies in the area, Byard-Mercer is able to give their patients plenty of individualized care and attention. It’s a luxury that Byard-Mercer employees do not take for granted, taking advantage of the opportunities to form relationships and dialogue with their patients. And with no additional fees for this extra attention they receive, the patients of Byard-Mercer Pharmacy are getting their insurance dollars to stretch a little farther. “We are able to work with our patients and their doctors to enhance their quality of care, talk with them to provide counsel on their medications and treatment plans. This is all at no extra cost to them,” Stacy reiterated.

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“Your pharmacist is the most accessible health care provider. You may see your doctor once a year, but you can always see your pharmacist,” Stephen explained. He further discussed the benefit of having a consistent pharmacist that takes the time to get to know you and is invested in your health. Stacy explained that they utilize the practice of Medication Therapy Management, meaning that they more actively involve their customers in the process and ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of their medications.


Another focus of the pharmacy is diabetes care. “As prevalent as the disease has become, particularly in our state and region, we recognize the need to engage and support those patients,” Stacy said. Stephen added that “diabetes can lead to huge costs for people, so we have taken steps to become a destination for a higher level of patient care. We want to be proactive in helping them manage it.” As a part of their focus on overall health, preventative measures, and staying relevant, the pharmacy also manages a Facebook account and regularly posts helpful information and tips for their followers. “Education is huge, and we want people to know that we are a resource for them,” said Stephen.

The pharmacy has certainly been a long-standing resource, with a history deeply rooted in family and the community. Today’s Byard-Mercer is the result of a merger between Mercer Drug Store and Byard Pharmacy that was completed almost 20 years ago. Mercer Drug Store was started in 1890 by W. “Doc” Stone and L.T. Mercer. Byard Pharmacy was opened by Edward Byard in 1935. In 1948, Paul Rogers purchased Mercer Drug Store and later sold it to his son, Jim Rogers, in 1974. Mr. Byard later sold his pharmacy to Allan Maphis in 1960. Jim Rogers purchased Byard Pharmacy in 1996 and operated both stores independently until they fully merged in 1997. Byard-Mercer Pharmacy is currently independently owned and operated by the Rogers family.

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As it has grown over the years, the pharmacy continues to specialize in more than just filling prescriptions. They also provide services such as immunizations, free delivery, and custom fittings for diabetic shoes and compression hose. Additionally, they carry specialty home health medical supplies and furniture, such as seat lift chairs.

Byard-Mercer Pharmacy is located at 440 W. Main Street in downtown Clarksburg. For more information, click here to visit their website.


1. Pharmacist Stacy Rogers
2. (L-R) Stephen Rogers (Vice-President), Stacy Rogers (Pharmacist), Daniel Rogers (President)
3. Orthopedic and Diabetic footwear available at Byard-Mercer Pharmacy
4. Byard-Mercer Pharmacy located at 440 W. Main Street in Clarksburg