The Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library is hosting two upcoming events with West Virginia authors that  you won’t want to miss!

On Saturday, February 13, from 12PM-3PM, the library will host a book signing event with author Michael Lambiotte. Raised in West Virginia, Lambiotte spent over 32 years as an educator, coach, and school administrator. His recently published book, Life Through These Eyes, will be featured at the event. The book is a collection of short stories, which covers six decades of life.

The library will host a second book signing event with author Diane Pishner Walker on April 16 from 11AM-2PM. Walker was born in Clarksburg, a graduate of Notre Dame High School, attended Fairmont State College, and is employed by the Marion County Board of Education. She has presented at the Author’s Forum and has attended numerous book signings. The author’s new book, Spaghetti and Meatballs: Growing Up Italian, will be featured at the event.

“We host these events to showcase local authors,” said Julia Todd, Library Manager. “We set up a nice display of the author’s work along with their biography.”

According to Todd, the book signing events are usually very well attended, especially when done in conjunction with other events happening at the library. This Saturday, the library will also be hosting its popular Children’s Valentine’s Day Party from 12:30-1:30PM.

The book signing events take place in the front gallery of the library, which is a high-traffic area. For the authors, the event is a great opportunity to meet their readers.

“I enjoy learning more about the people who stop by to look at and/or purchase a book. I have had people from 16 to 93 buy a book,” said Lambiotte. “The 93-year-old person was the mother of a childhood friend. The 16-year-old bought it for his father. The teenager thought his father would enjoy the “old stories” and give him something to brighten his day and help him relive some of his own memories. This same teenager came to another book signing a month later and said, ‘Sir,’ that made me feel really old – older than I am, ‘when I got home I spent two days reading the book before I gave it to dad. It was so neat. I can’t wait for Vol II. But, dad complained that the pages were bent back.’”

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Other local authors who would like to meet with the library to discuss hosting a book signing event are encouraged to contact the Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library at 304-627-2236.

For more information about these two events, please be sure to visit the Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library Facebook Page.