If you’ve been to the Clarksburg Farmers Market in the past few weeks, you might have noticed a new baker in town. Or perhaps you’ve heard people singing the praises of maple bacon scones. Whether or not you’ve seen Kelsey with Confection Connection, she has been helping to sweeten the markets on Saturday mornings!

Kelsey draws her inspiration from her great-grandmother, who had a knack for bringing people together around a good meal. “She was my first example of what a good meal or an excellent cake could do.” Kelsey lost her great-grandmother at the age of nine, but she hopes to one day be just like her and bring together family over a good meal. And while she wasn’t able to learn much from her great-grandmother, I’m sure she’d be proud of the baker that Kelsey has become.

Kelsey has been baking since a young age, but has only been baking professionally in the past few years since culinary school. She attended Pierpont Technical School. I’ve always heard that culinary school can be pretty brutal, so I asked Kelsey about her experience. “Culinary school was a lot of fun. I learned so many things that I couldn’t have even begun to fathom before school. I met so many different people, picked up new skills, and made some friends for life.”

We certainly love her scones, but her favorite thing is pie. Her parents own a farm outside of Shinnston, where she is able to get farm fresh eggs and berries for her baked goods. Any herbs are from the Farmers Market and her bacon is from a butcher in Preston County. She loves a challenge and so she has been enjoying making éclairs and macaroons. They are more difficult pastries to master and this is what makes it fun for Kelsey.

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Kelsey has aspirations for the future which include having a storefront where she can showcase her creativity. She hopes to offer lunch specials and specialty items, such as soufflé, beignets, and fritters. She takes custom orders now for her baked goods and you can find her on Facebook or better yet, on Saturday mornings at 9AM at the Clarksburg Farmers Market in the Tractor Supply parking lot!