Notre Dame High School’s student broadcast program has been named “Best New Student Broadcast Program” in the country by the NFHS Network. ION – The Irish Online Network – began in August as a way to broadcast sports and other school-related activities. The program also teaches students broadcasting skills, camera work, graphics, and more. It’s part of the national NFHS network with over 1500 programs in the country.

The award was announced Thursday afternoon during the NFHS annual awards show broadcast on the NFHS Network.

“The awards show is a great opportunity to recognize all the hard work of our students and teachers in the School Broadcast Program. It is so important for local communities to know what is going on with their local schools and I am proud the schools have chosen the NFHS Network to showcase their success. I am impressed each year with the quality of content created by all these schools.” – Alan Powell, President of the School Broadcast Program”


Maggie Weeman from the NFHS Network commented specifically on why ION was chosen as the winner.

“You were chosen because you went above and the expectations of a typical School Broadcast Program member school…and all within your first year. Not only did you help us produce NFHS Network events, but the fervor and dedication you’ve put behind the ION really impressed everyone in the company.”

ION was spearheaded by veteran broadcaster Reuben Perdue and currently involves four students — Andrew Rogers, Alex Altenburg, Christian Palmer, and Michael McAra. The ION crew has also been assisted by Ian McAra and Jason Young. They’ve conducted over 50 broadcasts ranging from the homecoming parade and school Masses to sports including football, baseball, soccer, basketball, and cheerleading.

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Perdue said the program has proven in it’s first year that there is a lot of potential for growth.

“To see the progress our students have made from the first day we started this, and to see more students wanting to be involved, it’s been an amazing experience to share with them. We can do a lot with ION and Notre Dame has given their students a great opportunity to pursue new careers.”