One King Sports is proud to unveil the final 3D designs that MSES Architects has provided for the ministry’s new Multi-Use Sports Facility. The estimated final cost of the facility is around $2 million dollars.

The organization is working hard on its fundraiser event, as well as scheduling meetings with local charity groups and private individuals to secure donations for the facility. If you or your organization would like to meet and allow One King Sports to present the Vision, Goals, & Direction of the ministry, please send your inquiry to


This design of the complex will allow One King Sports to expand the scope and reach of the ministry. This facility will be a training ground for Christian leaders within the community. This facility will be a vehicle used to impact children and their families with the teaching of Jesus Christ.


Below Are Some Facility Details:

  • The facility will be comprised of two full length basketball courts
  • The courts will be marked for basketball, indoor soccer and volleyball.
  • 3 curtain barriers used to divide the courts for various uses.
  • Upstairs office space
  • Lighting and audio equipment for various events.
  • Upstairs meeting area for coach and volunteer training.
  • Concession
  • 4 team rooms
  • Family friendly & handicap bathrooms
  • Bleacher seating for 540
  • Additional seating for up to 1,000

League Opportunities the Facility Presents:

  • Expand Current Basketball League
  • NEW Indoor Soccer
  • NEW Volleyball
  • Indoor Practice Area for NEW Flag & Cheer Leagues
  • Host Various Sports Tournaments
  • Indoor Archery
  • Much More

Additional Ministry Opportunities the Facility Presents

  • Various Clinics for Soccer, Pitching, Hitting, Agility, Basketball Skills, & Much More
  • Host Concerts
  • Host Conventions
  • Host Town Hall type meetings to discuss various topics facing the area.
  • Bring in Christion Based Speakers

CLICK HERE to read more about One King Sports’ Multi-Use Sports Facility Project.