The Clarksburg Mission will be holding its 8th annual Splashin’ for Compassion Penguin Plunge at Maple Lake on Saturday, January 16.

In years past, participants have gone all out, dressing in costumes such as super heroes, to get psyched up to face the icy water.

“A lot of people just come to watch, just to see people do something so crazy,” said Chris Mullett, Executive Director of the Clarksburg Mission. “We see it as an extreme activity for an extreme cause.”


Mullet has participated in the plunge six times himself. He believes that being cold for a few seconds is a small price to pay to raise awareness for people who are cold all the time.

“Some of the things we do, we do just to have the opportunity to tell our story,” Mullet said. “You know at Thanksgiving and Christmas time there is so much focus on what we do to minister to the homeless and poor in our community, but this event after the first of the year is a reminder that we continue to do the work.”

Mullet explained that homelessness and poverty is an everyday issue and the need is always great.

The Mission hopes to raise $6,000 and they need the help of the community to do this.

Participants can pay a minimum $20 registration fee or they may raise donations for sponsorship. Mullet would like to invite the public to attend the event and for those who aren’t up for the plunge; he asks that you come and enjoy the day and sponsor someone who is willing to participate.

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“It’s very cold, but its over really quickly,” said Mullet. “It really is fun and it’s for a great cause.”


Lunch will be served after the plunge has completed. Mullet said this is a perfect opportunity to fellowship and learn more about the Mission and the benefits it offers to the community.

Registration begins at 11AM and the plunge will begin at 12PM.

For more information, please visit the Facebook event page.