UPDATE: The final day for this year’s exhibit is Saturday, April 23, 2016.

The dinosaur enrichment exhibit is the largest program of the year hosted by Harrison County Parks and Recreation (HCPR), and this year’s Walking with Dinosaurs featuring “Seas and Skies” is not only the largest exhibit to date, it will also be held on an extended basis.

Visitors can expect to see museum quality replicas, and authentic fossils will also be on display. One of the main attractions this year is a 65-foot replica Mosasaur skeleton, most recently seen in the popular Jurassic World movie.


HCPR will be opening the enrichment portion of the exhibit to schools beginning Monday, February 8. Students of all grades will be able to enjoy this educational experience, as age appropriate programming and learning stations are scheduled accordingly.

Students are not the only ones that will be able to experience this museum quality display. Walking with Dinosaurs will be open to the public beginning Wednesday, February 10, at 4PM.

Paleontologist E. Ray Garton and his wife Mary Ellen of Prehistoric Planet have worked with Harrison County Parks and Recreation from the very first Walking With Dinosaurs enrichment.

“The specimens are from all over the world, including several from right here in West Virginia,” said Garton. “It is like a trip to a major museum, such as Carnegie or The Smithsonian.”


Paleontologist Garton and/or Associate Curator Zachary Heck will be available on Sundays during the exhibit.

“If you need something identified, whether it is a rock, mineral, fossil or other oddity, bring it with you on Sundays,” said Garton.

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HCPR Director Mike Book said that in addition to the 5,000 students that experienced Walking with Dinosaurs “Ice Age and Beyond” enrichment program last year, over 12,000 people visited the exhibit during public hours.

“It is important to note that it is different every year,” said Book. “So if you came last year, come back. You wont be disappointed.”


Walking With Dinosaurs will be held at the Harrison County Recreation Complex at 43 Recreation Drive (Rt. 19 S) and is free of charge, courtesy of Harrison County Commission and the Vital Services Levy.

Public hours for the exhibit beginning Wednesday February 10 are as follows:

  • Wednesday – Friday: 4PM-8PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: Noon-6PM

Back this year by popular demand, kids will have the opportunity to sleep among the dinosaurs at special sleepover events for kids and parents. The event will feature a movie and refreshments. Dates and times TBA.