Many children aspire to become a superhero, professional athlete or movie star. Others aspire to become an everyday hero – their neighborhood waste or recycling truck driver. In communities across North America, kids wait by the windows and in their front yards to see their Waste Management (WM) trucks and drivers visit their neighborhood. These drivers’ caring and friendly personalities inspire kids, while the large green trucks fascinate them.

To celebrate Halloween this year, Waste Management produced a video (watch above) and packet with complete instructions on how to fulfill your child’s dream of being a truck driver with their very own truck costume.

“What better way to honor your neighborhood driver’s hard work, caring heart, and dedication to their community than by becoming a Waste Management truck driver this Halloween,” said Amanda Marks-Cunningham, public affairs for Waste Management of WV. “Our drivers are heroes to us and to many children, who are keenly aware of the green WM trucks in their neighborhood, and oftentimes develop a magical and lasting bond with their WM drivers who service their community.”

In addition to the How-To Halloween Truck Driver Costume instructions, the downloadable packet contains tips to keep children safe around waste trucks including a truck safety pledge and some fun activities to complete.

To go along with your WM truck costume, Waste Management is providing green tips to help reduce, reuse and recycle this Halloween.

  • Give eco-friendly treats. Local organic groceries and health food stores offer a wide range of candy from organic chocolates to organic lollipops. These tasty treats are produced using methods that are not damaging to the environment.
  • Use recyclable bags for your trick-or-treaters. A fun family activity is to create a unique trick-or-treat basket, or simply put a reusable bag to good use. If you use a traditional plastic jack-o-lantern container, be sure to store and save it for future years.
  • Walk instead of drive. Rather than drive to other neighborhoods, stay close to home and trick-or-treat in your neighborhood. By walking from house to house you are reducing fuel consumption and air pollution.
  • Throw a green Halloween party. Purchase organic pumpkins for carving and apples for bobbing. Consider using leftover apples and pumpkins for pies, soups and other tasty dishes. Use regular plates, cups and silverware versus disposable materials that end up in the trash.
  • Reuse and recycle: Now is a great time to start composting. Halloween jack-o-lanterns, food scraps, and other organic, biodegradable yard and household waste are perfect items to get your compost bin started.
  • Help keep neighborhoods clean while trick-or-treating. Carry an extra reusable bag and pick up litter along the way. Candy wrappers can be a big source of litter on local streets during Halloween.
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