Update: Beginning Monday, March 14, 2016, South Chestnut Street will be closed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from Hornor Avenue to Harvey Street. The road will remain closed until Friday, July 29, 2016.

Original story:

The City of Clarksburg is advising motorists to be prepared for the closure of South Chestnut Street at the beginning of March. The improvement project is expected to begin on Tuesday, March 1. The contractor, Mark’s Drilling, anticipates that the project will last approximately four months. The project will run from Hornor Avenue to Kramer Drive.

The City has committed $1.1 million to contribute toward the overall S. Chestnut Street Improvement project.

Detour routes will be set up as they were for the prior phase of the project, according to the West Virginia Department of Highways. The detour will use WV Rt. 20 as well as WV Rt. 98. There will be detour signs placed along the route with notification specifying that the route is for Chestnut St.

When travelling toward Chestnut Hills from town, the detour will follow Main St to WV Rt. 20 where motorists will take a right towards Nutter Fort. Once at the bottom of the hill, it will make a right onto WV Route 98. Then at the intersection of South Chestnut St., there will be a sign ending the detour.

Coming from the V.A. Park area, the detour will make a right onto WV Rt. 98 until the intersection of WV Rt. 20, where they will have to make a left. The detour will continue to go to W. Pike St for this direction. A left turn will need to be made onto W. Pike St, where they will continue until the intersection of W. Pike and South Chestnut St. and there will be a sign ending the detour.

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Any questions or concerns should be directed to the W.V. Department of Highways at 304-842-1500.

Editor’s Note: Information above provided by the City of Clarksburg’s website.